About RBM News.

RBM News is a digital magazine published by Regal Blue Media. Our motto is “Creating A Successful Web Presence.” This is exactly what RBM News is about: how you can create your own successful web presence.

But what is success?

Success is getting the actions and the volume of actions you desire with the most efficient use of resources involved.

Is your web presence a success? Do you know the benchmarks for success, like click-through rates or conversion rates? Do you know what subjects and interests, usually translated as “keyword phrases”, draw your ideal customer? Do you know if your web properties are actually user-friendly in a way that your potential clients can easily grasp and feel good about?

Creating a successful web presence is not easy or for the lazy or the cheap. Sometimes someone shoots that golden BB, and before you can say “click-through conversion rate” they’ve gone viral, and all their problems are over. If it was possible to scientifically duplicate viral sensations, well, Hollywood wouldn’t ever have a flop and no business would ever go under.

Leave aside your fantasy of the golden BB, stop being cheap with the people you call on to make your content famous, and get ready to build your web presence one day and one brick at a time.

That is what RBM News is all about. Creating a successful web presence in every way, from hardware and software to content and marketing, from user experience to content delivery, from email to dominating the search engine. Anything and everything even vaguely connected to your web presence is fair game for us.

RBM News is published by Regal Blue Media. The Publisher and Editor is William R Collier Jr. I am your your guide on the road to building a successful web presence. I live and breath creating a successful web presence for my clients, and now I want to help you too.

I’m going to do something unusual. I’m not just going to promote myself and my services, I am going to show you content and ideas from the whole virtual universe, and I’ll link to their origins, even if they are my competitors. I don’t want you to feel that I only give advice that makes my ideas or my proposition look valuable.

There are many different ways to create a successful web presence, and many great ways to monetize it if you do. Whoever thinks they have all the answers or whoever can only see within the limited range of their own experience and expertise is not a good source to get advice from.

Enjoy this digital magazine that is really about You creating a successful web presence.