Fraternal Christian Living

To live a fraternal Christian lifestyle is to have a lifestyle that is very different from the current Western model based on isolated nuclear families with a form of libertine individualism that is bounded by a form of state-centered collectivism. The Western family has been defined away through such broad definitions as to be impermanent for the members and unrecognizable to our ancient ancestors.

It is not our intention to dictate who people live, how they define marriage or the family, or even how they govern their lives. It is only our intention to live as we wish to live, in the nurture and support of a fraternal community based on extended multi-family household groups, strong nuclear families, and strong marriages which preserve fatherhood and motherhood and give our children the right to be raised by their own natural parents.

We are not against anything else, we are simply desirous of living our lives in common union with like-minded people according to our chosen governance and lifestyle discipline which is founded on out Christian faith and values.

Fraternal Christian living is rooted in the idea that to fully experience the depth and breadth of God’s blessing and provision, by which we can fulfill God’s best for our lives, then as much of our life, relationships, and associations as possible must be guided by the truth of His Word as applied in a practical Christian lifestyle and governance discipline, In short, to be free to worship God in peace is not about being free to go to a church service because our whole lives and how we spend  those lives in the company of others is how we worship God.

To live this life means you spend more time with people, not just people within your fraternal community, but with other Christians wherever you live, work, and worship, and with other people in the general community around you as well as your own blood kin, A balanced life is lived in connection to numerous communities of people, not in isolation, but it has as its foundation a fraternal community of like-minded souls who support and nurture one another.

Relationships are not utilitarian, they are the end goal in this life, starting with our relationship with God and extending to all the people Gods brings us into connection and alignment with.

This does not mean a fraternal Christian would never alone time, or special time with their spouse and immediate family. Much of life today is spent doing nothing, or wasting time on things that could be done more efficiently with other people, such as shopping for food or even watching a movie.

In a fraternal community environment, whether you lived in a physical fraternal community or simply practiced the lifestyle, the individual and their family would have more time for themselves and their family and less time doing mindless things, like trolling Facebook or just watching whatever is on TV. A fraternal community helps the individual have discipline, but not through legalism and being judgmental, rather, through an alignment of purpose expressed in a freewill covenant association which is supportive and encouraging.

Fraternal Christian living is about balanced relationships, mutual self-reliance, mutual assurance, mutual accountability in a spirit of love and trust, and a shared vision and mission to serve God together. If you recognize the need for living your whole life for God and that, to do this, you need to connect in a meaningful way with other Christians, then you have begun the journey toward a fraternal Christian lifestyle.