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The Rise Of A Christian Nation In America

I envision a new Christian nation rising in America and I envision this land as the cradle of what will eventually become a new Christian civilization. In fact, the first “Americans” who came to this land in the 17th century had a similar vision. William Penn spoke of the seed of a nation being planted in Pennsylvania, a land named after his father. The Pilgrims under William Bradford had a similar vision, as did the Puritans and, later, the likes of Samuel Adams. Originally, long before there was an American political state, the American nation was a Christian people with its own culture, values, convictions, and lifestyle. The first “Americans” sought to have their national identity and...

Media Weaves Imaginary Hobgoblins To Advance Political Agenda

The news media of America are dominated by the politocracy, a system where politics controls everything and only a few elitists effectively control politics. The politocracy may have no greater agenda than raw self-gain at your expense but their useful idiot allies in the mediaocracy generally have an agenda somewhat resembling the utopian dreams of the Soviet empire coupled with a newfound gender-bending libertinism. In other words, while the money masters behind the mediaocracy have no real agenda beyond self-gain, the denizens of the press almost all do. The art of journalism is dead in America, the closet political activist who fantasizes about their power to shape public opinion has...

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