I envision a new Christian nation rising in America and I envision this land as the cradle of what will eventually become a new Christian civilization. In fact, the first “Americans” who came to this land in the 17th century had a similar vision. William Penn spoke of the seed of a nation being planted in Pennsylvania, a land named after his father. The Pilgrims under William Bradford had a similar vision, as did the Puritans and, later, the likes of Samuel Adams.

Originally, long before there was an American political state, the American nation was a Christian people with its own culture, values, convictions, and lifestyle. The first “Americans” sought to have their national identity and way of life protected by the King and the colonial governments. But this nation of people was first and foremost a spiritual and then a sociocultural body of people.

While generally unspoken, the core ideals of this national people were Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law, but understood from a Christian perspective and in balance with one another. These were the ideals for what some thought were the basis not only of a new Christian nation, but a whole new civilization. America, some believed, would be the cradle of a new civilization, it would not merely be a sociocultural satellite of the “old world”, or Western Civilization.

America as a national people did not live up to its promise. It did not fulfill these ideas and it did not become the cradle of a new civilization. Over time, both the nation and the political state which occupied this land, wresting it from previous nations (as all nations on this earth today have), fell under the spell of the Old World. The core ideals, barely even put together and almost always spoke of separately, were abandoned before they could coalesce and mature. The Christian core of the culture was gutted. The political state took upon itself to manage the economy and the culture in a most unnatural and dangerous manner which concentrates power centrally and from above.

Today, American culture is the spearhead of Western Culture. Its society is dominated by a secular culture that is hostile to Christianity and that reflects the state of a culture for a civilization in spiritual, moral, and creative decline. America itself refers to the land and the political state, the American people are atomized individuals who are cogs in the machine of that state. Politics controls everything and only a handful of people control politics: this is politocracy, the seeming triumph of politics over everything. But it is unnatural and dangerous and can only lead to very bad consequences.

The sentiments and ideals that once formed the basis of an American nation that was Christian to its core still reside in millions of hearts, but those people who share that sentiment have no “national home” and no unique and shared identity that can both unite them and differentiate them from other people and nations. The Christian nation we once called America is no more, but millions of people still hold the values and ideals of that nation in high esteem and feel put off and even disenfranchised by the current secular culture, which is dominated by a politocracy.

What is the proper response? What can we do?

For decades, Christians who cling to the old values and ideals have tried to fight fire with fire. The response to the secular politocracy has been to try to convert that politocracy to a Christian standard: the response has been to fight politics with politics. Hence, the religious right.

While the religious right remains a bogeyman in the eyes of the left, in reality, this monster is rather tame and, in terms of social policy especially, has little influence. Most of the public have come to reject the sociocultural values and traditions we social conservatives believe are necessary for a healthy and happy society that is free, just, safe, and prosperous.

When the left argue that our values regarding marriage, the family, or morality in general are not “the future”, they are only partially right. Those ideals and values are not the future of Western Civilization (of which the American political state is a part) because that civilization really has no future. In fact, its spiritual and moral life is over.

But when they use opinion polls which favor their return to pre-cultural barbarism as the “new” morality to prove that history is on their side, they are dead wrong. In fact, they are dangerously wrong when they claim our steadfast refusal to revert to a precultural barbarism (which they define as progress) puts us on the wrong side of history.

We are ahead of our time. The future belongs to new nations and a new civilization, and new civilizations begin on a spiritual and then a cultural basis which any observer would recognize as socially conservative. We live in the days of the decline of the old and the genesis of the new. We are surrounded by a society that is reverting to a precultural barbarism which can only really be controlled by something like our politocracy, but which must also stamp out any sociocultural and economic independence which would undermine its monopoly of power and influence.

The old adage that you have to fight fire with fire does not hold here. We have tried to fight politics with politics, and the result is more politics. Politics is now consuming us. It consumes our time and energy and it destroys lives. It sticks its ugly nose into every transaction and relationship: it has left us with only our bedrooms to do as we please, even if in so doing we harm ourselves and undermine the very foundation of our culture.

The idea that our culture, based on a socially conservative application of Christian ideals and values, should be imposed by politics, in same way we see the secular culture imposing itself, is the product of a civilization in moral and spiritual debasement. All we should be demanding of politics is to mind its own business and stop butting into our relationships, transactions, and associations which we wish to predicate on our own culture and not the secular culture of a dying civilization.

Some want to preserve Western Tradition, as they say. The core ideals and values which underpin that tradition, plus others that move us ever forward in human progress, are only going to be preserved and carried forward through the genesis of a new civilization.

Throughout history, progenitors of a new civilization are almost always people who were trying to preserve the pureness and the ideals of their now decadent civilization. Western Civilization emerges from people who were trying to preserve the ideals of the Roman Civilization, but when they created, while it shares much with the previous civilization, was greater than the sum of its parts.

Those who wish to preserve that which was best and pure about America at its founding must understand that the path forward is not through resurrection, it is through genesis. The creation of a new nation as the vanguard of a new civilization is the path not merely to preserve old ideals abandoned today, but to move beyond those, to fulfill them in new ways which our founders could not conceive.

The genesis of a new nation founded on fulfilling those ideals without hypocrisy and on a global scale is precisely the vision I share with you. We can build that nation among ourselves, we can create a cohesive sociocultural body of people who share these values and who can be liberated from the control and influence of the present politically imposed secular culture.

Our aim is not to withdraw from society, we are called to be a witness for Jesus, and it is not to impose our ways on that society, politics truly must be downstream of politics and cannot really be imposed forever before leading to upheaval and chaos. This is where we stand today. The secular culture, imposed by a secular state dominated in its institutions by the politocracy, will have to use more and more force and coercion to hold together a heaving mass of atomized individuals who increasingly adopt a precultural barbarism as their daily norm.

Culture springs from the will and from connections and relationships- it comes from the inside to the outside, and from the bottom to the top. We can broadcast a message and call to culture seemingly from above, but each heart that embraces that culture becomes a separate point of life and starting point, and the relationships and bonds formed as such people connect become the glue for the whole nation that emerges.

If you want to escape the dominance of this secular culture, which is imposed by politics, the answer in this case is not more politics, it is more culture. We have many ways we can both resist control and influence and establish our own relationships, associations, and whole communities based on a Christian culture. We don’t have to use politics. In fact, we should not use politics, beyond working to prevent a violation of our sociocultural and spiritual independence and our economic autonomy from the politocracy and its imposed secular culture.

By creating a new nation as a sociocultural body of people on a nationwide and global scale, with a web platform as its starting point, and local fraternal communities as its destination, we can build that which we desire. We can have a Christian culture for ourselves and everyone else can choose what suits them. We can be part of a Christian nation, and nobody else has to be part of it unless they want to be part of it. We can live in this society as witnesses for Jesus but we don’t have to subject ourselves to its control or influence in our personal lives, relationships, associations, and communities.

This is what Upadaria, pronounced you-pah-dare-ee-ah, is all about. Starting with a web platform and then through an organized fraternal Christian society, the goal of this effort it to raise up a new Christian nation in America and around the world, based on the same ideals which inspired America’s Christian founders. The idea here is to create sociocultural and economic connections and associations based on shared values, ideals, principles, standards, and practices and then developing local groups, or chapters, organized as fraternal communities that practice mutual assurance and self-reliance, that live missionally to be a witness for Jesus, and that help Christians in crisis (internal and external refugees).

In short, you really have two choices- go with the flow of this present imposed secular culture or choose an alternative, such as that provided through the web platform for a new Christian nation, Upadaria. In all sincerity, nothing like this is being proposed by anyone else! Every effort falls short on specifics and is too generic or doesn’t go deep and far enough to answer the real need, which is for a cohesive sociocultural alternative to what exists now.

If you adopt this nationality, if you join our web platform, styled after a fictional “commonwealth” for both educational and entertainment purposes, you will ultimately be liberated from the control and influence of this culture, you will be able to be a witness to the people in this culture, and you will be able to help many others find the same path to personal empowerment. If you just keep doing what you have been doing, going with the flow, you will spiral with the rest of this society into something dark and destructive.

I propose that any serious person who wants to preserve what is best about the founding of America and its subsequent greatness must seriously consider adopting this nationality and joining our web platform, not to “save America”, per se, but to preserve yourself and to preserve a Christian culture and witness in this land for generations to come.