The Upadarian Society

A Christian Fraternal Missionary and Refugee Society

Envisioning Reaching The Nations For Jesus Christ


We live in a time when institutions we once thought were friendly to Christianity are becoming unfriendly and where the very nation-state itself is showing signs of failure. These are unstable and dangerous times in which we must be a witness for Jesus and take care of our own basic human needs.

The entire world is in a state of change. It is always in a state of change, but there are periods when that change is dramatic, and unsettling. The very nature and functions of the nation-state as we have understood it since its emergence in the 17th century are being questioned, and society in many parts of the world has become morally and spiritually unstable.  This is especially true in the West, the fading, and almost now former, heartland of what was once a more or less Christian civilization.

Our mission as Christians is to reach the world and to play a role in the spreading of the Kingdom of God among men. In this world nations and kingdoms are the arena in which this activity takes place and we have to be a witness for Jesus to nations and kingdoms in this world.

The mandate for Christians remains to make disciples of the nations and thereby fulfill the prophecy that the Kingdom of God will flourish and grow from a mustard seed into a giant tree that covers the whole earth. While the nature, form, and structure of what we moderns call the state has changed and will change, the basic elements of a nation as a people with ideals, history, vision, and territory, has always remained. That there are kingdoms among men under a form of government in which laws and standards of behavior are maintained has been a fact of human existence since the birth of civilization itself, and, according to Scripture, will remain a fact of life into eternity.

We can influence the nations and kingdoms of this world by seeking to reform them from within or and also by creating our own alternative structures that act to witness by words and by deeds.

To reach the nations we must take a dual approach- reach people and impact all institutions of society. We can do this by influencing and changing existing institutions and we can do this by establishing alternative institutions that preach not only in words but by a demonstration of the effectiveness of the ideals and ideas which we, as Christians, embrace. There are plenty of people going out seeking to influence and change existing institutions. Our approach is less about that than it is about creating alternative institutions among Christians that are a witness to existing institutions- in essence to teach by doing.

We have to face dangers to Christians and prepare both to help Christian become self-reliant and to shelter Christian refugees in crisis.

The truth is that in many parts of the world we see a danger coming- Christians are facing discrimination bending toward outright persecution in lands where they once enjoyed actual favor. This is really true in the West where a civilization rooted in a form of libertine collectivism without reference to God is replacing the former Christian roots of Western Civilization. But even in Russia, Christians who are not part of the Orthodox Russian church are outlawed from street evangelism. So Christians must not only find new ways to witness in the face of laws that deem our message as political incorrectness, or worse, but they must also find ways to economically and socially thrive in an environment in which being an outspoken Christian can lead to economic ostracism.

We must be a witness, we must extend the Kingdom, we must establish our own structures, and we must become both self-reliant and capable of helping Christians in crisis.

We see then that we must pursue our mandate to be a witness to the nations and expand the Kingdom of God among men. We see that one approach to being a witness to the nations is to preach by doing, in other words establishing alternative institutions that demonstrate the truth we preach and thereby witness to the nations. We see that Christians must find new ways to witness and to meet their own basic needs outside of the normal mainstream channels which are now unfavorable to the Christian message and those who preach that message.

The basic idea of the Society I envision is that it takes a nation to reach the nations….and to create alternative structures to help Christians be self-reliance and help Christians in crisis.

So the basic idea of the Society I am proposing to build comes down to the phrase- “it takes a nation to reach the nations.” This idea has a twofold application, First, there is the idea that we as Christians all over the world belong to a universal and eternal nation of people whose God is the Lord, spiritual Israel and the Body of Christ, the Church, as described in Scripture, or, to put it another way, the Kingdom of God. Second, there is the idea of a specific and unique Christian nation of people whose God is the Lord, a nation of People within the Christian nation. Indeed the model is seen in Scripture- even in the New Heavens and the New Earth there are diverse separate nations, and even kingdoms, within the one, single, nation and Kingdom under Jesus Christ.

The nation envisioned is NOT a political state but a fraternal, missionary, and refugee society MODELLED on the concept of a nation of people whose God is the Lord.

But the Society I envision is not a political nation-state in the model of the 17th to 21st centuries. It is in fact going to be an international Society but its internal structure and vision is to be a model, albeit without any kind of state or single piece of territory, for a Christian nation. The idea of being a model Christian nation has two purposes-on  one hand it is going to be a witness to the nations of this world to turn to Christ and, on the other hand, it is going to be a witness to Christians to think and act globally and locally as a single nation that transcends our separate temporal nationalities. A Christian nation should always point to and be rooted in the fundamental truths of THE Christian nation, the Kingdom of God among us, and it should be unified with ALL Christians of all temporal nations.

This “nation” is the basis of the Society, a nation rooted in the Kingdom of God as a unique and temporal Christian nation within the nations.

The structure, model, vision, and narrative of this Society will be based on the concept of a Christian nation rooted in and supportive of the universal Christian nation which is the Kingdom of God among men. But its functions, its work, will be rooted in the practical needs of our present reality as well as the eternal mandate to make disciples of the nations and to expand the influence of the Kingdom of God among men.

The practical needs for being self-reliant and helping Christian refugees are great and we must address those needs now.

In practical terms, there is a very real need to provide a means for Christians to be materially self-reliant in places where they face economic ostracism while providing places of physical refuge for those whose only option is to flee for their lives and safety. This is the refugee aspect of the Society. Note, for instance, that while the US has imported tens of thousands of Muslims refugees from Syria, Christian refugees who face far worse threats have been denied and only around 60 have been admitted. We need a Society that will provide sanctuary to those tens of thousands of Christian in need.

The vision for this Christian nation, which is the basis of the Society, comes from what I saw in 1982 as a possible future we can avoid if we reach our nations and kingdoms for Jesus right now.

In 1982 I saw a future in which a new Christian civilization emerges and new Christian nations, as well as new political states based on those ideals of a Christian civilization, because Western Civilization and many of the nations of people and political states in the West and elsewhere become morally and spiritually corrupt beyond even where they are now.

This is not a good future, the new civilization could readily come within places like America, because its ideals are rooted in American virtues, or in Germany and England where similar ideals are also possible. The horrible future I foresaw is coming into being before my eyes, and, as both an American patriot and a friend of the German people, from whom many of my ancestors come, I do not want to see this vision come to pass. It is a vision that can only be stopped if we reach those nations for Jesus and their people willingly embrace the Gospel!

A better future for the West and for Germany and America in particular is possible!

A brighter future can be foretold by seeing the opposite of the vision I saw- a vision in which nations like America and Germany (both play a central role in the vision as both are destroyed) embrace the Gospel and become the heartland of the new and Christian civilization by embracing its ideals. This of course impacts their political states and other institutions, but the change is not political, it is spiritual and then cultural and social and only then political. It does not happen by means of politics.

This vision for a new Christian civilization is a global vision.

But this vision is by no means limited to America and Germany, it is a global vision in which people who identify with the new Christian civilization’s ideals and values, adapted to their nations, are dispersed all over the world as the ideals and ideas are freely and broadly distributed, including by the Society I envision, in a way that speaks to all the nations. What takes root in America and Germany becomes the seed that is spread all over the world. In this manner the new civilization, though it may be cradled in America and Germany, becomes a globally distributed civilization with adherents of its ideals and faith, the Christian faith, dispersed in all the nations and kingdoms of this world.

The new nation of which I speak is the seed-bearer of the new civilization- it will lend its name to that civilization but many other Christian nations will emerge that are part of that civilization.

The vision for a new nation as the basis of this Society comes from the vision I saw in 1982. What I saw was the consequences of the nations, especially America and Germany and the West in general, of not returning to their Christian roots as a PEOPLE. Sure, if these PEOPLES embrace Christ their political states will change also, but this is not the means or even the goal of the spiritual revolution of which I speak.

The goal is to convert the lost and make disciples through the agency, as ordained by God, of a Christian nation of people whose God is the Lord. The positive version of this vision is that Germany and America embrace their God-given role as progenitors of a new Christian civilization, and they do that because their people WILLINLGY and without any coercion embrace Christ and the ideals of that civilization.

The practitioners of the ideals, ideas, and practices of that new civilization will become a sort of nation, without a state or specific piece of land, and their nation will lend its name to that new civilization. But many other Christian nations, inspired by the model nation, will emerge, some with political states and some without, that make the Lord their God. So from this new nation many other nations will either emerge or be converted. What will be common will be the ideals they all practice, the four core ideals of the new civilization.

The four core ideals of the new civilization are Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law.

Through the four core ideals, which include Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and Rule of law, people will embrace an alternative and Christian way of life that is opposed to the social individualism and political collectivism of the West which is undermining the family and human dignity itself. These ideals are taken together and in a Scriptural context to govern relationships and conduct, and governance in general, between people. When faithfully adhered to they produce harmony and peace and make for efficient cooperation that does not violate individual freedom. While they sound political, they are deeply spiritual ideals to live by and they form the basis of a new and Christian civilization.

From UPDR we get the name UPaDaRia- the name of this new nation, the name of a Christian lifestyle and governance discipline, and the name of a new Christian civilization.

We take the four core ideals and from their first letter we derive a name that means we follow those four core ideals, in their Scriptural context and in balance with each other. So we have U from Unity in diversity, P from Popular sovereignty, D from Democratic equality, and R from Rule of law. From UPDR we derive the idea of a “UPaDaRian” lifestyle and governance discipline that becomes the basis of a new “model nation” based on those ideals, UPaDaRia, and the basis of a new Christian civilization with many nations that follow those ideals in governance.

The destiny of America and Germany, according to my vision, is to be the progenitors of a new Christian civilization or to face ruin.

The destiny of America and Germany, the two primary nations of people in my vision, is to become either the progenitors of this civilization or to ultimately be destroyed as those nations so totally reject God and make foolish choices that the natural results are too much for them to bear Sadly, in my vision, America becomes broken up because its society is balkanized and Germany loses 90% of its population, it is overrun by foreign invaders, such as we already see happening and which I could not have known would happen when I saw this in 1982!

If these nations, Germany and America, as PEOPLE, not political states, return to Christ and ADOPT the four core ideals as a lifestyle and governance discipline, then THEY WILL NOT SUFFER THE FATE I ENVISIONED! Then the “upadarian” philosophy and nation will become the basis of a new Christian civilization that spreads from America and Germany to the whole world.

The ultimate birth of a new Christian civilization on this planet is inevitable, regardless of how Germany and America respond to their corporate calling.

In the vision, the new civilization begins as a new nation of people who emerge in various locations, including the US, Germany, and West Africa, but after the collapse of America and Germany, many members of that new nation resort to those lands to establish a new political union of “UPDR” states. This aspect of the vision is not a goal or dream or desire. This aspect of the vision demonstrates that God will fulfill this vision for a new Christian civilization with or without the willing participation of these nations. In short, the real dream is to not see this happen but to see America and Germany thrive and become great nations, and political states, that are a model of the ideals of this new civilization.

My heart breaks for these two nations, America, my country, and Germany, my ancestral homeland, because they are going down the wrong path.

In my heart I bear great love for America, the people of my birth and where I live, as well as Germany, where many of my ancestors came from and whose culture and language I identify with so strongly, and have since I was a child. I believe God gave me a love for these two PEOPLES and a heart to see them thrive from before I was born.  Sadly, I see that both America and Germany as PEOPLES, not political states, are far from God and far from these ideals in lots of ways. America is becoming balkanized just as I foresaw and Germany is losing its cultural sovereignty as a people to the EU and to foreign invaders, just as I foresaw. I hope and pray it is not too late and my aim is not to carry out the vision I saw, but to spread the truth and the message of God to those nations that they might see the light and amend their ways.

The world will heap scorn on these words and this vision.

There is little doubt that the spiritually dead will see these words and not draw many false and ridiculous conclusions. Indeed, even some Christians will lack the spiritual discernment to see the true message, which is not about politics or power or anything of that sort, but which is about the birth, first, of a new Christian lifestyle and governance discipline, then a new and stateless nation, and then a new Christian civilization whose ideals inform the nations and kingdoms of this world. The worldlings and the Christian who lacks discernment of such matters are likely to treat these words with alarm, suspicion, and contempt because, for them, all that exists is what has been before. The idea that God is doing a new thing which He has not done before is beyond them. The idea that I could proclaim a new nation and a new civilization and not be thinking about political power is beyond them.

The end is the Kingdom of God among men- that is the purpose of nations.

In Acts 17 God shows us the purpose and nature of nations. From one, the true NATION, the nation of God’s Elect, all nations are made- from one blood God has made many nations. He gives them a space and a time in history. And why? So that they might find God is they seek Him. We find God when we seek firs HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. So then the purpose of nations, we can infer, is for people to be able to seek God and then find Him, because He is very near. This is how the Kingdom of God grows and is extended on this earth, as people find God, and people finding God is not the purpose of just ONE nation, the single and universal nation, but of ALL nations of people whose God is the Lord.

You must build the vehicle before you take the journey.

A nation of people whose God is the Lord is a vehicle for transporting people to a place where they can find God is they seek Him. A nation that has a culture or religion that punishes or shuns people who seek God or follow God is not fulfilling its proper role, now is it? But like people nations of people have their own popular sovereignty, or freewill, and if they exercise it wisely they become blessed and if foolishly, the natural laws of cause and effect would appear to conspire against them.

The nation of people is a vehicle, and God raises up new nations, He overthrows nations, and He revives old nations. In my case, the call is to build the vehicle, mostly by proclamation, and, then, if people respond in my lifetime, by servant leadership with others who step up to that role. It seems a strange thing to say “God wants us to establish a new national people based on these ideals and practices”, but if you believe God raises up nations from nothing like He did Creation itself, then it is not so strange at all.

The vehicle of a new nation of people, with its own social and economic structures, will enable people to seek God, to find God, and to follow God. Through social arrangements, many informal and unorganized, and the spreading of these ideas, which the internet age allows us to do on a global scale, the nation of people emerges not as an organization (even if an organization works to broadcast its message) but through choices, behaviors, and relationships that become organized and emerge into structures and institutions organically and over time.

I saw a vision in completion, but what emerges in practices does not have to follow that vision.

Some have found fault with my vision so much of it is “complete” and seems to leave little room for people to develop their own ideas, This happens because I describe many details of what I saw. But understand that what I saw was what happens if things don’t go well. Aside from the ideals and a broad national covenant, many details will have to emerge from practice, and from different people in different places comparing notes and finding what works best. I must describe what I saw, I use the form of a fictive future history, but what I saw was not meant to be a blueprint as such, it was meant to show what happens if things go wrong, It is a warning.

My goal is not “Upadaria”- it is to follow Christ.

If God shows you a path to follow, you follow it, but the path is not the goal, the ONE who sent you is the goal. In 2013 God made it very clear to me that if America and the West, including Germany, go through upheaval, people will need to “go to Upadaria”, and Upadaria is any location where people organized around those ideals and that way of life have ownership over the land, such a mission or refugee center or an intentional community. I foresaw millions of these outposts, some just a house, some a whole intentional village, where people fly a flag that identifies them as members of this stateless Christian nation.

Upadaria is for me a path. It may not be the path God sets out for you. And it is not my only path or the only way I serve God. I do not limit my service in Christ to people who support and participate in this vision. In fact, aside from my wife and a few friends who support me, very little of things I actually do to serve God have anything to do with Upadaria. I serve God in politics, I serve God in trying to build a free press. I serve God by witnessing to people about Jesus, not Upadaria. I serve God as a good and conscientious citizen. I support ministries and give to people in need, none of which has anything to do with Upadaria.

In short, Upadaria is a path, a purpose, but Jesus Christ is my goal. Nothing else. If God told me tomorrow to drop this, I would. I know because in 1987 He showed me I needed to set it aside, and He didn’t say for how long or if it would be forever. In 1994, 7 years later, He came to me and showed me this vision was from Him and in doing this He attended this revelation with a miracle in my marriage and in empowering me to lead someone to Christ.

For too long I have doubted that and I have been led by the counsel and objection of others who have deep suspicions about my motive and about the veracity of the vision. I do not ignore such things, but I have become more and more settled on the truth that God has revealed, and I am prepared now to pay whatever price is necessary to live out what God has given me by boldly proclaiming it.

That in me God has planted the seed of a new and temporal Christian nation which will be the vanguard nation for a new Christian civilization.

I believe that others will come and God will plant the same seed in them as He planted in me, and these will become the people who build the new nation as a stateless nation of people whose God is the Lord, through the agency of an international Christian missionary and refugee society based on the concept and vision of a new nation.

It may be that I proclaim this and nobody joins me. It may be that these ideas spread and someone else picks them up after I die. I am certain they will accomplish what God has willed these words to accomplish in His good time and it is up to Him to decide if I live to see anything happen or not.

It may be that instead of seeing this happen, that as I proclaim this, people simply treat me with contempt or derision and reject me or find ways to make my life hard. It is in fact a risk today that what you say will get you in trouble, especially if it is so different and if it is out of line with the libertine collectivism that has invaded both society and the church itself. But I suspect, and hope, that a few people will be inspired by God to make this vision their own and co-labor with me in proclaiming it and in imparting its practices and disciplines to others who seek to actualize it as an alternative to just being dependent on a system that is unfriendly to Christianity.

My intention is to proclaim the vision, starting with the fictive future history, then the philosophy, then the specific national covenant and discipline that derives from this. From there I hope to see enough support to create a Society based on this vision that will act globally as a fraternal missionary and refugee society and achieve NGO status to stand up for the rights and security of all Christians. But as it is said, “man plans, God disposes.”

Some FAQ’s

Do you intend on creating a new country with its own government, army, and etc.?

The short answer is NO. The fact that the fictive future history shows the creation of countries which become part of a political union based on Upadaria is not meant in any way to depict any plan or desire. It is what I saw, but I caution you to understand that this is a vision that happens because things went wrong. It is possible in the future as the governance discipline spreads countries may use the term “Upadarian”, like they do in the story, but this is a description of their form of government. This is not my goal. I want to see America remain united, strong, and free and I want to see her people come back to Christ and adopt these four core ideals, which are really America’s spiritual constitution, in their fullness.

Are you going to be the head honcho or king of this nation?

No, Period,

The Upadarian system of governance is based in part on a plurality of leadership. There is no single head and all the leaders are accountable to each other and to the electors who choose them based on their merit. No leader is above the common standards and all are accountable, We will use the terms and titles of nobility and royalty, because this is important to the vision in showing that as Christians we are a nation of kings and priests unto the Lord. The idea of a nobility recognized formally based solely on merit and which forms the basis of being qualified for leadership precludes any sort of top-down “big man” system of governance

I do not know what role I will play, but if the Society is established I do expect I will be among the leaders and I am not in any way ashamed of the desire to step into such a role. However, this is not in my hands. As noted, I may never see this actualized while I am alive.

What about Christian unity, are you going to be all about Upadaria and divided from other Christians?

My life and work has almost solely been involved with other Christians and ministries which have nothing to do with Upadaria. I have demonstrated that I am connected to and unified with the whole Body of Christ and I will not change. Upadaria is no different than any other Christian ministry or vision, or nation of people, it is part of the larger Body of Christ, but a unique part. The hand cannot be the foot nor the foot the hand. I suspect too many Christians that are a part think everyone else should be the same in order to be in the Body.

I believe in living Christian unity. I am not called to form a ministry focused on promoting that unity. My briefs include many things, among which proclaiming this new nation of people, and as for the unity aspect, I must leave that to God. But if someone joined the vision for Upadaria and demonstrated that they are not about acting in unity with the rest of the Body they would lose their standing quickly.

Is this going to be a new church or something?

I am not a church goer. I desire and will seek Christian fellowship in a more community-centered approach. There are millions of Christians like me who see in the traditional church establishment a fundamental departure from the Kingdom and from Christian community. Others enjoy this full well and I am not on a crusade to change them or their churches. So, for me, the Society, if it is established, might be my primary means of Christian fellowship but for most I think it will just be a fraternal society they belong to because it supports them and because they supports its missionary and refugee focus. I am at a place now where I am seeking Christian fellowship outside of the normal Sunday worship church institution structure, again as many millions of other Christians, and I am not restricting that to people who agree with or want to be part of this Society. (I do not believe Christians should be disconnected from the Body and it is my intention to rectify this as soon as possible.)

Will you be “Upadarian Christians?”

No. We are all JUST CHRISTIANS. Period. The adjective “Upadarian” relates to our lifestyle and governance discipline which, while it is a Christian way of life is not universal to all Christians. It relates to us adopting a new nationality, layered among our other national identities. But I am not a “Republican Christian” or a “Pentecostal Christian” or an “American Christian”….I reject the idea that we need to be anything more than Christians to each other as fellow Christians.

Are you for overthrowing the government?

Never. Period. While I would say America’s founders laid out just reasons for a People in a country to change their rulers and form of government, this vision for Upadaria has nothing to do with such notions. Upadaria emerges within many countries and communities because people adopt its way of life, by “making covenant” to follow a set of ideals and a common mission, as a missionary and refugee nation, together. This is not a political thing, though certainly whenever people are changed spiritually, then culturally and socially, they are likely to impact all spheres of life, including politics. That is an effect, it is not an aim or a means to conducting what is in fact a deeply spiritual revolution.

Some of the things you have written about appear to contradict these things?

Perhaps. First, I am not writing Scripture, I am just a man, My presentation is not perfect, It may be impacted at times, even subconsciously, by my own passions or feelings, or circumstances. My understanding has grown and matured since I first started writing about this, and especially so in the past year. In fact, some of the things I wrote even 18 months ago, for instance, might seem really badly written or not of the right spirit.  When I speak of the vision I speak of something bigger than myself, the vision has not changed, though I have changed in relation to that vision because I have matured and experienced things that brought me clarity. And because I have dealt with my own issues, issues that have at times compromised my presentation. I thank God that the actualization of the vision has not yet come and I know it will come in God’s good time and if I am never worthy of that, someone will be one day.

But I make no apologies for being flawed, human, and even wrong. If I say everything here is perfect and unalterable then I make a claim I cannot make. However, the central aspects of this vision, which include a new nation and a new civilization based on these core ideals, have remained fixed. I hope my agenda, my natural inclinations, my desires and hopes and fears, and those of other people, have zero impact on what I present and proclaim, but I know that is not perfectly true and cannot ever be perfectly true.

Whose Kingdom are you building?

A former pastor whom I dearly love and admire taught me to always ask this. I am capable of building my own kingdom instead of God’s Kingdom. I will leave you to judge whether this vision constitutes building the Kingdom of God in the arena God has ordained for me or whether it is me building my own kingdom. For me, the answer is that I am building the Kingdom of God among us in the arenas God has given me, and Upadaria is just one of multiple such arenas. For some, this may not be true, they may think you can only build the Kingdom in some other way, and they are free to have their convictions. The only word of caution I offer is that if in fact what I am doing is of God and one speaks against it, then, as Gamiliel warned, one might be speaking against what God is doing.

How can I help?

I don’t want help. If God imparts this vision to you, then you will know your part and so will I, through prayer and discussion. I am not looking for helpers or followers. Sure, the first people will need to allow me to impart the whole vision to them, and this requires some form of following, but the destination envisioned is one in which I find a core of co-laborers who lead this together, as a team, not as a bunch of people following one person. So, no, do not help me. Do not follow me. If God moves you and you wish to have me impart the vision to you then you can make it your own and we can lead it together.