Photo- Rosaio Sollazzi

The news media of America are dominated by the politocracy, a system where politics controls everything and only a few elitists effectively control politics. The politocracy may have no greater agenda than raw self-gain at your expense but their useful idiot allies in the mediaocracy generally have an agenda somewhat resembling the utopian dreams of the Soviet empire coupled with a newfound gender-bending libertinism. In other words, while the money masters behind the mediaocracy have no real agenda beyond self-gain, the denizens of the press almost all do. The art of journalism is dead in America, the closet political activist who fantasizes about their power to shape public opinion has taken over.

The mediaocracy is on the hunt, slaying enemies, and that makes aggression cannot be denied any more. From humor and music to news and commentary, the mediaocracy get up every day determined to cover up for their allies, present their libertine-socialist utopia in the best light, while defaming and slandering anyone who dares stand in their way. It is all out media war, and the stakes are your freedom, security, and prosperity.

In the latest round, Vanity Fair presents a piece of pure propaganda. The whole piece spreads the smear that President Trump is mentally unstable. Having failed to label him a racist or a Russian agent, they desperately turn to made-up source or members of the insider clique of the politocracy to make the most outlandish charges. Such fake sources, they claim, state that Steve Bannon told the President he could be removed under the 24th amendment which allows for the removal of a President due to incapacity. Incredibly, they claim Bannon gave Trump only a 30% chance to make it to term without being removed.

This doesn’t sound anything like Bannon, not in language or disposition. To even suggest Bannon thinks the President is mentally unfit is smear not only on the President, but on Bannon. One can be sure these posers at Vanity Fair did no due diligence and did not ask for comments from their targets. It’s sloppy journalism and beneath contempt, but we must never forget that today’s “journalist” is a radical left-wing activist who has zero intellectual or ethical integrity.

Their aim is to destroy all political opposition, even if it risks tearing the country apart, because they are certain they can pick up the shattered pieces and create a Soviet-like paradise. All that stands in the way of their progress is our right to even exist as people who think and act outside their prescribed paradigm. These are not merely bad journalists, they are totalitarian dreamers who would impose a regime of tyranny over conservatives, Christians, and free thinkers. They don’t want dissent, they don’t want objective reporting, they don’t want objectivity: they give their secret “heils” to the things they believe men like George Soros stand for, a globalist libertine socialism, a modernized version of the Soviet empire in a global scale. Their model is China, not the US Bill of Rights.

When we deal with the mediaocracy, we must understand that they are truly and deeply our enemy. Given the means and the opportunity the same fake journalists who defame Trump would put you against the wall for defending him. Or at least try to ruin your life and force you to lose your job or your business.

So the denizens of the mediaocracy produce hobgoblins: racist, sexist, homophobic Nazis who are mentally ill and who must have their rights taken away for the collective good. This is no joke, and these people have devolved to the point where they are actively a clear and present danger to their fellow citizens. Today’s fake journalist is a storm trooper for their globalist libertine socialist dictatorship, despite their denials and lack of self-awareness. They literally don’t think you and I should be free to own guns or a printing press.

And so every day they churn out lies and paint hobgoblns in order to frighten your neighbors to hating you and wanting your blood. We are seeing the beginnings of bloodlust fomented by fake journalists.

Their calumny is stunning. They so not care of their lies inspire millions to react with violent hatred, as we heard in the virtual of rapper M and M. Such vitriol and race-baiting to provoke black on white violence are all evils justified by their utopian fantasizes by which nature, including human nature itself, can be bent to fit their idea of the perfect society. Never mind that even their best intentions require the loss of rights by millions who don’t want anything to do with their genderless, familyless, propertyless, and freedomless utopia.

In the end, we see, the hobgoblins of the mediaocracy are mere projections of their inner craving for total power at your expense.