A Proclamation Of A New Christian Nation


A new Christian nation has been conceived by God to reach the nations for Christ and to create safe-havens for Christians around the world as fraternal missionary communities and cities of refuge for a time of crisis and persecution

This nation will not be a political state; it will be a new people with their own Christian lifestyle and governance discipline that empowers Believers

It will be promoted and organized through an international “Fraternal Christian Society” with a structure and nomenclature related to a “Virtual Commonwealth”

Peers of this new “nation of people” will be equipped and empowered to be fulfill God’s best and make their callings their careers as witnesses for Christ to the nations

The new nation is based on a fictional history written in 2147 A.D. which contains prophetic inspiration and a total Christian lifestyle and governance discipline

This new nation’s name is pronounced “you-pah-daria” and it comes from tge core ideals of a new Christian civilization, these ideals are abbreviated as Unum, Populum, Demos, and Regency

The ideals of this nation represent the basis of a way of life that is both modern and yet firmly rooted in ancient and forgotten practices of family and community

THE TRUTH IS REVEALED and liberation will be made plain if you read

A Secret History of the New Civilization


You will receive:

The printed book when it is released
(expected shipping is between December 20-30 of 2017)

Access to a virtual community which will be the genesis of the fraternal Christian society, and where you can find more information and learn more practical steps for liberation

The digital copy in PDF, available after November 20, 2017, with digital updates as they are provided

A one year subscription to The Fraternal Christian, a web magazine on Christian empowerment through mutual self-reliance, being launched in January of 2018


The Blue Book will show you how to shield yourself from calamity, and you won’t need a city surrounded by a wall to do it!

    If you have ever wished you could be part of a Christian nation, now is your chance! You don’t have to leave your house, quit your job, or hire a boat to take you to some wilderness frontier. In the 21st century, we can launch nations through the web, and we can organize them around Societies, not political states.
Our nation will be a missionary nation, reaching the lost, and a refugee nation, providing sanctuary to and advocating for all Christian refugees. Pre-ordering this book guarantees you an advance copy and gives you benefits that will not be made available for such a low price. It is real value. It will change your life forever.

ORDER BELOW and receive a PDF sample within 48 hours, of the first story in the fictional history, Escape From The SRA. You will also, as a bonus, receive a special PDF titled “The Secret Life”, a 62 page “manual” for liberation which also explains our concept of a nation and a fraternal Christian society.

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